Apart from assistance during entering the anchorage, we offer the following additional services:

  • Garbage collection
  • Supply of groceries
  • Procurement of bread
  • Providing daily newspaper
  • Dinner organization
  • Transfers
  • Rent-a-car
  • rent-a-bike
  • speed boat transfers and excursions
Nautical anchorage Bobovišća

Nautical anchorage Bobovišća is located in the bay on the western side of the island Brač, in one of the most beautiful and most protected bays on the Adriatic sea.

Due to the natural terrain configuration and surrounding hills, the bay in which  anchorage is located is protected from all winds and provides a safe haven for boaters.

At the anchorage there are 32 buoys, for safe mooring of boats of length up to 25 meters.

MANTA RAY ANCHOR SYSTEM is used for the mooring of boats.

MANTA RAY ANCHOR SYSTEM is a 26 mm diameter anchor drilled 2 meters into the seabed and is extremely safe and durable.

Each anchor has a certificate of quality and passes regular annual checks.

During the season, nautical anchorages staff welcomes boaters and provides them assistance in berthing.

Depths are sufficient to accept vessels with deeper draft.

Because of extreme ecological preservation inside the bay of Bobovišća the sea is  completely clean and excellent for swimming, diving …..

The way of mooring:

It is important to note that the berthing at the anchorage is organized in a manner that every vessel is moored to a buoy with bow, and with mooring  for stern.

This way , classic turning around the buoy is avoided and security at the anchorage is increased.

Way of mooring goes like this: the bow of vessel is tied to a buoy, than you take the rope that is connected to a buoy and with it you take out the mooring for vessels stern.

( it’s easier than it sounds 🙂 )

The way of mooring