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The island of Brač is the one of the sunniest Adriatic islands with more than 2,700 hours of sun in per year.

The average summer temperature is 23.8 C and winter temperature 8.6 C. The island of Brač is a typical Mediterranean island with long, hot and dry summers and short, mild winters.

With surface area of 394 km2 , the island of Brač is Dalmatia’s most widespread island and third largest among  1185 islands, islets, rocks and reefs Croatia’s  Adriatic coast.

 With its peak, Vidova gora (778 m), it is also the highest Adriatic island.

The island of Brač has excellent connection to the mainland and the rest of Europe.

Ferry lines Split – Supetar and Makarska – Sumartin sail several times a day.

Thanks to the island airport Brač is also connected with various parts of Europe.

Bobovisca na moru is located on the west coast of the island in a beautiful deep bay that is shared by the Bobovišća harbor and  Vičja port.

Because of their natural positions these two bays are very secure and very peaceful. With the beauty and security  they provide these two bays are very interesting for sailors.

There are also two taverns and two shops in the bay.

Brač international airport is located only a half hour drive from Bobovišća na moru.

The village has a permanent population of about fifty, who work in agriculture, fishing and tourism. The village is also known as the family residence of the Croatian poet Vladimir Nazor whose monument is  located on the seafront…

Bobovišća na moru are a small Mediterranean fishing village with old houses and a long tradition of tourism. Beside superior ambiance and wonderful nature,  Bobovišća will show you its historical heritage, which is still so alive that when you visit this place you will have a feeling that the sweet melancholy of centuries is touching you.

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